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Harold & rogers meat

We are a fast growing food service solution provider based in Australia. We are supporting over 3500 outlets in GCC region including Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and KSA. We are acting as agents for multiple buying groups in the region supporting them to find the finest meat products at defined budgets. Our range of services are from finding creative and unique solutions for airlines and caterings to delivering the group buying objectives. We serve cold stores, wholesale meat distributors, hospitality sector and hypermarkets.

Group buying at Budget: We are expert at group buying. By putting individual buyers into a bigger groups, we increase their bargaining power which results into minimum saving of 17% on group buying compare to individual buying.

Creative food service solutions: We also supports airlines and caterings who wish to distinguish themselves by offering new and unique products such as organic meat, or other added value products. 

Quality on product & Services:  Our focus on details makes us specially successful in delivering on the highest quality of the products. Our precision prime meat cuts and carefully packed products deliver finest quality of the meat alongside the required longevity. In addition our deep understanding of the export processes to GCC countries and close relationship with Arab-Australian Chamber of commerce, enable us to deliver the best services to our clients.

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